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At BasePath™ we believe that the most successful healthcare providers will be those who can best coordinate care by deploying teams of doctors using sophisticated information tools to improve quality, reduce cost, and keep patients safe and satisfied. BasePath™ was created to serve this vision.


BasePath™ is a software platform that

  • Allows doctors to create, customize, and share web apps that help them deliver and document care -- without programming.
  • Manages the creation and distribution of decision-support content used by the apps and creates sharable structured clinical data for analysis.
  • Overlays current enterprise electronic health information systems to provide a single friendly user interface across different enterprise Health IT systems.

Why is BasePath™ Needed?

Healthcare financing is quickly moving from fee-for-service to pay for value, in which value equals quality divided by cost. Healthcare organizations like hospitals and clinics must be able to coordinate care, deliver care more efficiently, and collect better clinical data to prove value to payers. Enterprise Health IT systems were not designed to do this, and many organizations are struggling as a result.

Patients and providers continue to bear the brunt of increasing cost of care with relatively few improvements in quality of care. It is widely accepted that we must transition from fee-for- service medicine, which rewards the volume of services, to value-based care, which rewards higher quality and lower cost.

Widespread replacement of paper charts with electronic systems such as EHRs has failed to support the transition to value based care as anticipated. But this has not stopped CMS and large insurers from moving forward with ACO's and other value based payment models. The entrance of large retail into primary care and the proliferation of innovative care delivery startup companies will create additional pressure on hospitals and specialists. To survive, they will have to not only provide higher quality at lower cost; they will have to be able to prove it.

Enterprise Health IT systems were not designed for this. They cannot be rapidly and inexpensively customized. They don't manage and deliver content effectively. And they structure their data using coding systems that were not created for healthcare delivery. So what can healthcare organizations and Health IT systems companies do to meet these challenges?

Fortunately, there is a reliable roadmap. Other industries have added web services, apps, and related technologies to their existing systems to remain competitive and to create larger markets for their products. BasePath™ was developed to do the same for healthcare by breaking up the problem into its component parts and offering solutions for each of them.

  • What do doctors need to improve quality? Information at the point of care, integrated into their workflows, and software designed to decrease error.
  • How can they lower costs? By working more efficiently, supported by apps optimized for the best workflows, and by sharing information to support teamwork and to avoid costly duplication of services.

  • How do they prove the value they are providing? By using tools that accurately measure their actions and outcomes.

How Can BasePath™ Help? 

BasePath™ can be rapidly and inexpensively layered onto existing Enterprise Health IT systems, using industry-standard web APIs. Doctors and nurses can create better workflows -- themselves -- without programming, including creating connections between specialties to coordinate care and clinical decision support built into the workflow. BasePath™ records are fully structured for analysis, and the technology is built to support big data analysis and mobile app development. It creates a new ecosystem connecting doctors, content providers, and patients to support coordinated care, value-based payment, and population health and to permit the creation of new health information products.

Because BasePath™ layers onto existing enterprise clinical health IT systems such as EHRs, Laboratory Information Systems, and others to extend their capabilities, it can be deployed quickly and inexpensively. End users such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers can quickly create and customize their own "apps" supporting their clinical workflows and documentation needs without requiring expensive IT support or adaptation of the complex underlying HIT systems. Because BasePath™ is content-driven, doctors and other content providers can easily design and manage content that serves the dual purpose of documentation and decision support, shared by the entire healthcare team and patients. Most apps can be created without any programming, and apps can be made even more powerful with simple JavaScript. Teams of doctors can coordinate apps to make them semantically interoperable to support care coordination. The content is structured as are the data relationships that result each time a doctor creates a patient record, resulting in passively acquired, accurate and complete clinical datasets that are optimized to support big data analytic technologies.

BasePath™ was designed to support rapid development of mobile apps. Why is this important to the vision of coordinated and value based care? Because coordinated care, and its close relative population health, are continuous processes, not episodic events. BasePath™ provides the technology and user empowerment required to support the real-time requirements of continuous care.

In summary, BasePath™ provides tools that meet the information, workflow, and data requirements required to coordinate care, increase efficiencies, and prove value.

BasePath™ also clears the way for new healthcare products supported by improved information sharing. We believe the future of healthcare information services should be similar to other web services -- inexpensive and easy to use. Structured and accessible information that can be easily shared forms the foundation for incredible products that improve lives and lower the cost of medical care. It allows doctors, patients, content providers, and others to connect and form communities enabling these new products and services. We expect and welcome products that will be built on the back of BasePath.

The Technology

BasePath™ is built with standard web technologies with an open Application Programming Interface (web API) that support layering onto existing legacy technologies and the development of mobile apps and big data analytics.

BasePath™ uses standard web technologies and has an open Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used by developers at EHRs, content providers, healthcare organizations, and others to build BasePath™ apps and integrate them into their systems. Our unique approach allows app users and content providers to build powerful apps without programming. Developers with skills in widely supported, standard technologies such as JavaScript can create even more powerful technologies on top of the BasePath™ core. The core BasePath™ technology was built to maximize compatibility with legacy systems and web standards to take advantage of the creation of mobile web apps and big data analytics.

How Does BasePath™ affect me?

If you are a:

  • Provider of HIT services (EHR, LIS, other), BasePath™ extends your product and solves the pain points for your healthcare enterprise customers.

  • Health Organization Administrator, BasePath™ enables your institution to coordinate care and support value-based care while satisfying doctors and patients.

  • Payer or Policy-maker, BasePath™ delivers higher quality data for population health and health policy.

  • Provider of medical content (professional organization, publisher, academic center, large practice or health system, pharmaceutical company, or other healthcare services provider or advertiser), BasePath™ distributes your content more effectively and with more focus to doctors and patients.

  • Doctor, nurse, or other health professional, BasePath™ finally gives you an easy to use system that helps you do a better job and does not distract you from your patients.

  • Patient, BasePath™ makes you the leader of the healthcare team.

Who we are

David Booker, MD, CEO and Founder, is a Pathologist with 30 years of practice experience, successful startup experience in the reference laboratory business as co-founder of Healthtronics Laboratories (now Metamark Genetics). Dr. Booker is Board Certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and is a recognized thought leader in Pathology Informatics. He resides in Augusta, Georgia.

Ronald Ranauro, CTO, is an experienced software industry executive. For the past 30 years he has participated in the founding of five software businesses in the electronic design automation, genomics, and healthcare fields. During this time he has held every position available in a software business including software engineer, product manager, sales executive, company founder and CEO. For the past two years he has worked to realize Dr. Booker's vision for BasePath™ into working software. Previously he participated in the genomics and bioinformatics field as the CEO of GenomeQuest where he gained experience raising venture capital and fielding startup product development and sales teams. Mr. Ranauro’s consulting business Incite Advisors, Inc. specializes in providing web-based software development and commercialization services to startups and established businesses in the health IT field.

Nicholas Molina, Director of Business Development, focuses on deepening relationships with partners to guide the business toward growth. Mr. Molina previously founded and ran an e-commerce company in Brazil and worked at J.P. Morgan. He has a BA from Harvard University in Economics and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business in Marketing.

Jackie Maryak is the Executive Assistant for BasePath.  She has also served as Practice Manager at Laboratory Medicine, PC, a private pathology practice, Executive Vice President at Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy, a nonprofit environmental and education organization, General Manager of The Mitchell Group, a custom publishing and restaurant conglomerate, and an Assistant Store Manager (Administration) of The Home Depot.

Lee Catherine Booker, Business Development Advisor, joined TASER International's Business Development team in January 2016.  She previously served as TASER's Director of Brazilian Operations in São Paulo. She holds a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University and in 2012 received the Lemann Fellowship to complete a Master of International Business Management at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo. Before working with Taser, Ms. Booker was a business management consultant for FALCONI and an Intelligence Analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton.  Ms. Booker graduated cum laude from Georgetown University with an undergraduate degree in English.



David Booker, Founder and CEO


Ronald Ranauro, Chief Technology Officer


Jackie Maryak, Executive Assistant